Does the terminology Industry 4.0 ring any bells?

If not, let me give you a foretaste! the technological advancements in the last few years have brought to us the fourth industrial revolution referred to as Industry 4.0. these technological developments in the fields of data, scalability, analytics and connectivity have led to dramatic changes in the workforce and the markets being served to the customers. such industrial revolutions are powered by unconventional technologies and exponential growth which has brought an exemplar shift in the apparel manufacturing process, delivery of successful products and services.

The traditional methods of manufacturing processes are not capable enough anymore to survive in today’s era of competitiveness. The companies are experienced a raised need to ensure the delivery of top-class quality product & services.

Peek Into Quality 4.0 – The Need to Implement in the Apparel Manufacturing Processes

The core concept of Quality 4.0 is about aligning the practice of quality management with the arising capabilities of Industry 4.0 to drive industries towards an operational excellence. By Integrating the capabilities of cloud computing and big data by using the digital systems and predictive analytics to exchange data between factories without human supervision  is the reason for the transformation of the future of quality. This is what represented as ‘Quality 4.0’.

The essential components of Quality 4.0 are People, Process & Technology. Quality 4.0 encloses connectivity, collaborations & a wide variety of technologies that can be utilised to automate an enterprise’s quality management system to enhance the real-time decision making. The execution system of Quality 4.0 comprises of an optimised operating model with an in-process quality enablement providing transformational results in quality department of the Apparel Manufacturing Process.

Why to Implement Quality 4.0?

Technologies that contribute to Industry 4.0 altogether have proven to be metamorphic. Quality 4.0 brings an opportunity to deploy the technologies to redefine quality manufacturing functions with comprehensive organisational strategies. Moreover, a promising Quality 4.0 strategy empowers industries to deal with persistent issues of quality, that have emerged due to the disintegrated traditional management systems.

Quality 4.0  enables organisations to escalate the probability of their success by bringing the opportunity to reanalyze the root cause of their existing barriers and concerns. It not only focuses on the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies to boost the quality of product & services, but also assimilate the people, their cultural & strategic aspects into it.


Quality 4.0 is an important milestone in the journey to a Smart Factory, where digitised procedures increase the productivity beginning from the floor management to delivering the final output.

What do you think about the concept of Quality 4.0 on how effectively it will impact your industry?
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