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STITCH, a product developed by Auriga, is a Data Driven Manufacturing Execution System for Fashion Manufacturing Industry by Domain and Technology Experts from NIFT, IIM and IIT. It is a lean SaaS solution capable of transforming plugable losses into substantial margins and complete production supply chain visibility.

Only cloud based SaaS system for complete Factory solution having all the modules capable of handling the entire production supply chain. No other present solutions have all the modules under one integrated platform.

Disintegrated solutions are very hard to implement and maintain hence non sustainable. One integrated system brings entire processes and people under one platform and becomes dependent on one single source of truth hence sustainable.

The Problem STITCH is solving :

  • Large, small, MTM orders to be manufactured in a short span of time
  • Heavy Penalties on Quality Defects and Production Delays
  • Lower Margins due to Competition
  • Slow and inaccurate data flow and delayed analysis and actions
  • Skilled but Illiterate labor
  • Legacy and outdated Systems
  • High Cost of Implementations

Meet The Team

Fully bootstrapped to deliver the commitments and impactful solutions

Core Team

Durga Charan Das

“DC has two decades of rich domain experience and a unique ability to find out revenue leakages ”

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Gaurav Pal

“Gaurav loves creating technology solutions right from his days at IIT Roorkee ”

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Divye Tela

“Divye graduated as a Production and Industrial Engineer from IIT Roorkee. He is the founder of Auriga IT”

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Strategic Advisors

Sachin Agarwal

“Sachin is an experienced portfolio manager and investment.”

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Rohit Nair

“Rohit is an experienced technologist and angel investor. ”

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