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“What makes STITCH so compelling is its simplicity and ease of use. The back-end support team has been very patient in hearing our concerns and is available to help us anytime. Ever since implementing STITCH, we have had accountability for each and every piece and have had no issues tallying the production to the cut quantity. Our customer Decathlon applauded us for having such a system in the sewing line.”

A. Akilan
GM Penguin Apparel

A. Akilan, GM Penguin Apparel

“We have been working with STITCH MES for more than six months now, and it is truly a game-changer for us. Our goals are a lot easier to reach with the data STITCH provides. The level of service we have received from STITCH (in a pandemic period) is second to none!

We find out problems within minutes rather than hours or days, and we can take action to keep our quality level.

Any apparel company that is striving to do better should use this platform. The only thing I regret is that I did not find out about STITCH many years ago”

Martin Mellblom
Partner at Scandinavian Textile & Apparel Co., LTD Thailand

Martin Mellblom , Partner at Scandinavian Textile & Apparel Co., LTD Thailand

“We are using STITCH manufacturing suite software to develop advanced digital manufacturing best practices from cut to ship while reducing the factory’s reliance on manual processes to improve their real-time visibility and production volumes. With STITCH factories maintain a Digital Thread for each stage of the production process for improved quality control, audits, production planning, and tracking.”

Rahul Bhadauria
Sr. Vice President. Garment Business Banswara Syntex Ltd.

Rahul Bhadauria , Sr. Vice President. Garment Business Banswara Syntex Ltd.

“StitchMES has been a game-changer for CMV Global. Their innovative solution enabled us to achieve our sustainability goals while streamlining our operations. With real-time data, predictive analytics, and automation, StitchMES empowered us to significantly reduce waste and energy consumption. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success story.”

Prakash V
Managing Partner, CEO, CMV Global

Prakash V, CMV Global

“Stitch MES Software has made our lives easy and helped us track our inventory in a better way. Rather than doing things manually, now everything is digitised. It is easy to manage our warehouse by putting every aspect together in a better way. We want to thank Stitch team and Durga Das for creating an amazing, workable solution, we are very happy and satisfied.”

Waseem Siddiqui
Co-Founder, FutureFab

Waseem Siddiqui , Co-Founder, FutureFab

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