Due to growing labour and raw materials costs, the garment industry faces a lot of competition. Alone fabric accounts for 60-70% of the total cost. The industry’s main concern is to look for ways to bring down the costs. 

Achieving this manually is quite tricky. Therefore, we use fabric cut plan software that can find the correct garment sizes that should be there in the marker, predict what type of marker combination should be used, and use past data to predict the number of fabric layers laid out in one lay.

Fabric cut plan software optimises cutting operations and can easily integrate with your existing systems to enable better human-machine collaboration. The software can dynamically gather all required information from systems and operators to prepare the most efficient cutting plan using advanced algorithms. It selects the best material and adheres to manufacturing constraints from material to final product eliminating the need for paperwork and giving you a smooth paperless production. 

There are many other benefits of implementing the fabric cut plan software in your apparel business :

  • Cut What You Need- The software allows you to streamline all your cutting operations while saving material and cost. Cutting plans are created based on the work orders and material inventory that help improve the throughput and capacity while minimising errors.
  • Complete Process Control- The software allows you to develop a culture of accountability that will enable the system to work at its full potential. The software brings transparency, identifies improvement areas, and makes informed decisions that boost the overall profits.
  • Beat the Human Brain- With the fabric cut plan software, you can beat the human calculation every time. This software can create tight markers that can reduce material wastage in real-time. These innovative material planning systems allow the business to make data-driven decisions.
  • Save Fabric- Over-ordering is one of the reasons behind fabric wastage.  Save up to 3% to 5% of the fabrics through intelligent software. It ensures correct fabric estimation using optimization algorithms, and it also controls leakage by tracking each portion of the fabric. Saving fabric directly translates into profits that are good for the business and the environment.
  • Save Time – Today’s apparel market has become quite complex, putting extra pressure on CAD/Cutting Team. Fabric cut plan software focuses on automation and efficient planning that can save valuable time. With minimum human involvement, all orders are executed much faster with no delay or error.
  • Control Fabric From a Single Dashboard- Using the fabric cut plan software, it becomes easier to  review performance and Cutting KPIs through a single dashboard that can be easily accessible from anywhere. You also get an overview of your manufacturing unit’s performance in real time.
  • Stop Over-Ordering- Over-ordering is a significant challenge. A large sum of money is wasted annually and is one of the largest sources of resource waste. Fabric cut plan software can suggest fabric consumption close to what is needed using Artificial intelligence and big data analytics. 
  • Minimise Wastage by using Algorithm- This software uses advanced algorithms to predict fabric usage based on order. It will also generate a cut plan that will optimise the overall usage of the fabrics, thus boosting the overall profits.

Integrating software like Stitch MES, businesses can improve overall operational efficiency and profitability. The software starts saving the fabric from the ordering stage by predicting the accurate amount of fabric needed using predictive algorithms and reducing the Wastage in real time. Few other benefits of integrating Stitch MES involves :

  • Improvement in Operational Efficiency and Profitability
  • Complete Process Control & easier planning
  • User-Friendly UI and UX.
  • predictive algorithm to order the right amount of fabric.

Have you thought of implementing Fabric cut plan software in your manufacturing industry?
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