CMV Global is a leading apparel manufacturing company based in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. They have revolutionized the industry and set a new standard for sustainability. By implementing STITCH-MES, they have harnessed the power of sustainability to fuel their growth and drive innovation.

Brace yourself for a journey that will ignite your passion for sustainability and make you believe in the extraordinary possibilities within every company willing to leap.

1) Problem Statement

a) Limited Transparency & Traceability in the Supply Chain- CMV Global faced challenges in ensuring transparency and traceability throughout its supply chain, compromising its ability to establish strong partnerships with buyers who shared their commitment to sustainability.

b) Lack of Real-time Data Capture and Analytics: The absence of real-time data capture and analytics in CMV Global’s manufacturing processes hindered their ability to optimize production and make informed decisions regarding resource consumption and sustainability.

c) Misalignment of Traditional Processes with Sustainability Goals: CMV Global identified a misalignment between their traditional, paper-based manufacturing processes and sustainability goals. These processes were inefficient and did not support their vision of becoming a leader in the apparel manufacturing industry’s sustainable movement.

2) Solutions

a) Sustainable Supply Chain: STITCH-MES facilitated the tracking and monitoring of the entire product lifecycle, promoting transparency and traceability. This resulted in establishing a seamless supply chain that adheres to sustainable practices, forging strong partnerships with buyers who share CMV Global’s commitment to sustainability.

b) Energy Management: STITCH-MES empowered CMV Global to implement advanced energy management systems and monitor energy consumption in real time. This data helped identify energy inefficiencies promptly and implement corrective measures. As a result, CMV Global witnessed a substantial reduction in energy consumption and associated costs, contributing to their environmental and economic sustainability.

c) Workforce Empowerment: By streamlining and automating manual tasks, STITCH-MES enabled employees to focus on higher-value activities, fostering a culture of innovation and personal growth. CMV Global invested in training programs to equip their employees with the necessary skills to adapt confidently to the digital landscape.

3) Business Benefits:

a) Improved Operational Efficiency: By digitizing their factory operations and eliminating manual data entry, redundant paperwork, and cumbersome processes, CMV Global experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Integrating real-time data capture, analytics, and process automation allowed them to optimize production processes and make data-driven decisions.

b) Cost Reduction and Resource Optimization: The implementation of STITCH-MES enabled CMV Global to minimize resource consumption and reduce its carbon footprint. By monitoring energy consumption in real-time and promptly identifying energy inefficiencies, they could implement corrective measures and achieve a substantial reduction in energy usage and associated costs.

c) Enhanced Sustainability and Compliance: CMV Global’s adoption of STITCH-MES facilitated their transition towards sustainable practices and compliance with environmental regulations. By digitizing their operations, they eliminated paper-based processes that were not aligned with their sustainability goals.

CMV Global’s success is a shining example that encourages organizations worldwide to embrace Stitch MES, which can drive businesses toward sustainability and profitability.

“StitchMES has been a game-changer for CMV Global. Their innovative solution enabled us to achieve our sustainability goals while streamlining our operations. With real-time data, predictive analytics, and automation, StitchMES empowered us to significantly reduce waste and energy consumption. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success story.”

Prakash V, Managing Partner, CEO, CMV Global