Experience the power of Stitch WMS, your all-in-one warehouse management solution. It’s not just about managing operations, it’s about optimizing inventory layout, tracking stock levels, processing orders, and leveraging reports for performance enhancement. Stitch WMS – where efficiency meets effectiveness.

Stitch WMS consists of the following modules:

  • Layout and Slotting Module (QR): With this module, you can design your warehouse to suit your inventory needs. You can also create efficient workflows and movement paths to ensure a smooth flow of inventory in your warehouse. You can group similar products together to save time and improve order picking accuracy. You can use QR codes to easily identify and locate your products in the warehouse.
  • Receiving and Put away Module (QR scanning): This module helps you manage your inbound shipments with ease and efficiency. You can use QR scanning to check the accuracy and quality of the inventory you receive, and place it in the best storage locations. You can also keep track of the status and history of your inbound shipments and inventory.
  • Order and Inventory Management Module: Experience the power of seamless inventory management with this module. From receiving to shipping, it’s your one-stop solution for inventory control. Monitor availability, manage turnover, and streamline order processing for efficient delivery. It’s not just about managing inventory, it’s about optimizing your entire order fulfillment process.
  • Transportation Management Module (Inter department issue/receive): Streamline your material handling with this module. Efficiently issue, receive, and process items with challans. Manage returns with ease through return authorization and quality control. Track material movement across departments like production, quality, and packaging for seamless operations.
  • Return and Stock Aging Module: Efficiently manage your inventory lifecycle with this module. It simplifies customer returns, from authorization to processing, and helps you decide the fate of returned items – restock, repair, or dispose. With its stock aging analysis, gain insights into your warehouse inventory age and use this data to implement effective strategies like inventory rotation or liquidation of old stock.
  • Reporting and Analytics Module: This module provides you with detailed insights into your warehouse operations, including inventory levels, order processing times, and employee productivity, to help you optimize your processes and improve your efficiency. You can use this module to generate various reports and dashboards, such as inventory reports, order reports, performance reports, and KPI reports. You can also use this module to perform data analysis, such as trend analysis, root cause analysis, and what-if analysis, to identify and solve problems, and make informed decisions.
  • Replenishment- Stitch WMS, your smart warehouse companion, ensures you never run out of essential spare parts. Set a minimum quantity for each part, and if stocks dip below this, Stitch WMS alerts the responsible person. It’s not just about managing inventory, it’s about uninterrupted operations.

Unleash the power of Stitch WMS, your key to effortless and efficient warehouse operations. It’s not just a tool, it’s your partner in reducing costs, boosting customer satisfaction, and gaining a competitive edge.